Monday, July 29, 2013

My Sewing Playlist

For the past several weeks I've been putting in 50+ hour weeks, made up of 10-12 hour days, in order to get through my heavy sewing load.  I just finished a local production of Beauty and the Beast, as well as Arsenic and Old Lace.  Currently I'm working on some costume commissions while also working on casting and making pieces for a local museum event.  It's a lot of work sitting at a cutting table or sewing machine.

What is probably more interesting is what I do while sewing.  While I love music, that's not enough for me while I'm working.  I need something a little more interesting so I watch TV and movies.  My selections say a lot about my interests and personality, which is reflected in my work.  So what have I been watching?

In the last couple of weeks I've made it though all four seasons of Lois & Clark and within the next week will finish season one of Once Upon A Time.  Besides Superman and fairy tales I also watch a lot of movies that you would find on the Hallmark channel.  I'm a very "Disney", "rated G" kind of girl and even though I've become a geek over the last 15 years I still prefer movies that make me feel good and have a happy ending.

In just under two weeks I'll finally be caught up and can take a break.  Plenty of time to go through more of my movie collection.

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