Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Costumer Never Stops

Last week my family and I took a vacation to visit my own personal Promised Land...Walt Disney World.  I could go on and on about how wonderful it was and how much fun we had.  The highlight was getting to dine at the Be Our Guest restaurant in the New Fantasyland and having our table in the West Wing of Beast's castle.  It was so magical that I actually got tears in my eyes!  And when I met the Beast himself I started crying again.  Yes, I know it was all Disney magic and a person in a costume, but that is my favorite Disney movie of all time and I couldn't help myself.

Speaking of costumes....I realized I have a problem.  I can't turn of my costuming senses.  There I was in the most magical place on earth, enjoying time with my family, and I found myself analyzing costumes.  On one day our first visit was to Belle's Enchanted Tales.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I took a lot of pictures of Belle because I was analyzing her yellow ball gown.  I've made that a few times in the past and got some close-ups to help me make a new and better version.  I pulled myself out of the "moment" in order to look at the lay of the fabric.


Later I got to meet Tinker Bell, Rosetta, and Periwinkle.  This is my third visit to Disney World and I've never had a chance to meet any of the fairies.  Such a shock, considering that Tink is my favorite character and the inspiration for my nickname!  Of course, I was super excited at getting to meet them and have my picture taken with them.  So what do I do as it's our turn to step up to them?  I lean to my husband and say "Be sure to take lots of pictures of Tinker Bell.  I want to see how her costume is made."  Yes, there I am with my idol and I want to take the time to analyze her clothing.

It's a problem.  I can't turn it off!  I found myself doing that with every princess, fairy, or other character we came around.  My husband constantly picks on me about my habit, as I do it at cons, Renaissance Faires, and anywhere someone is wearing a costume.

In my defense, my husband does the same thing when it comes to animals (he's a vet).  He will immediately notice whether or not a male dog is neutered and if the pet is at a normal weight.  So he's certainly one to speak!

I love they're made, the fabric choices, and all of the little tricks that go into making the imaginary real.  When I see someone in a costume I want to know how it's made so that I can learn and improve.  The instinct is so strong that I simply can't help myself and it's an act of willpower to simply enjoy the moment.

I promise that the next time we visit Disney World I'll try to live in the moment.  But don't hold me to it.