Monday, June 25, 2012

Just Call Me "Tink"

Last week I was helping with a kids' drama camp.  After a few days the children noticed that I always wore something with Tinker Bell and it became a game to them to "find Tink" on me.  It was easy not to disappoint them as I am a teeny-tiny bit obsessed with a certain Disney pixie.

Did you ever wonder why I call this blog "Creatively Tink"?  All of my friends (and even acquaintances) know that I love Tinker Bell.  Over the years I've even taken on the nickname "Tink" and will answer to it as readily as my own name.  Even so, very few people know the sheer depth of my love of Tinker Bell.  Sure, they see me with clothes, purses and such, as well as see me use her as an online avatar and screen name.  But you don't really understand until you set foot in my house.

And since you can't do that, let me share it with you.  This is actually the first time I've posted a large part of my Tink collection online.  Let's start with some wall pictures.

But that's only the start!  There are very few places in my home that you can go without running into Tink.

You can even find her "hanging around" in a few places.

Warmed up now?  Let me show you some of the shelves and true gatherings of my collection.

This shelf?  All of those are journals and notebooks, every single one with Tinker Bell.

It doesn't end there!  How about the kitchen...

And the husband painted it in a Tinker Bell theme, including glitter in the paint!

Okay, so that's the inside of the house.  But the Tink experience actually begins before you ever walk inside.

And then there's what my husband has called the "Tink-mobile"....

So that's what you'll see around my home.  What about me?  Yep, I have some personal Tink items.

Pretty impressive collection, right?  Well, this is only part of it!  I have about 10 more bags and purses, numerous pairs of underwear and socks, dozens of shirts, and a couple of bins in storage containing items that I don't have room for.  We've tried counting everything a few times but always gave up.  Our best estimate is that I own somewhere around 700 individual items related to Tinker Bell.  Yes, 700!  I think that I've gone just a bit beyond "really liking" Tink.  In fact, I am sometimes bemused when someone sees me wearing something with Tinker Bell and they say "Oh, I love her also!"  Somehow I doubt that their "love" quite reaches the point of my obsession.  Yes, obsession is probably the best description for my little problem.

Hi, my name is Stacey.  And I'm a Tink-a-holic.  Better yet, just call me "Tink".