Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dragon*Con 2012 Memories

My eighth Dragon*Con ended last week (boo!!!) and it was a great success.  This was my first one as an official costumer, having started my business after last year's con.  It's interesting to me how my views and outlooks have changed in the last 12 months and how that had me looking at things differently.

First, I had a reputation to uphold.  This meant that my family's costumes had to be representative of my skills as a seamstress and not just for fun.

Then there were the people that had commissioned costumes to wear at the con.  I was able to run into them and talk about it.  The Captain Cold costume was noticed by legendary comic book artist George Perez, who stated it was the best version he had ever seen.  That's a huge thing from someone who has actually drawn the character and has been going to cons for decades!  The confessor dress from Legend of the Seeker was also a hit and loved by the customer.

It was great to see people really enjoy what I had made for them.  I'm anxious to see what costumes of mine show up at the con next year!

Now can I go a bit "fan-girl" on you?  Sure I's my blog.

The absolute highlight of the con was getting to meet my long-time idol, Dean Cain.  I've had a crush on him ever since Lois & Clark was on the air and my husband has often said that Dean is the one man I'd leave him for.  So when I was standing in line to talk to him and get his autograph I actually had tears in my eyes!  The experience was better than I could have hoped.  He was so very nice and personable, smiling at me and my family and being so sincere and genuine.  When it came time for the picture, he gave me a genuine, double-armed hug!  Superman himself had his arms around me!  And oh, that smile!!!!

Now it's back to reality (boo again!!!).  Time to organize my thoughts and start planning the next costume.  I already have several commissions to begin, and with around 500 cards passed out at Dragon*Con, I may have more business than I can handle!