Monday, April 8, 2013

I Costumed Burt Reynolds!

Sometimes my life as a costumer gives me some very unique opportunities.  Recently a small film shot some scenes in my town for a movie called Hamlet and Hutch.  It is about an aging actor, played by Burt Reynolds, who is in a community theater production of Hamlet.  I can't tell you much more about the plot, as I don't know all of it, but I do know that it will eventually air on the Lifetime network.

One of the large local theaters was rented to film some of the stage scenes.  I have done several productions there as a costumer and an actress, so I am friends with the theater director.  She loves my costuming and utilizes me regularly, so when the film company asked for help in arranging costumes appropriate for a community theater production, she gave me a call.

Honestly, this was an easy task, as I didn't have to make anything.  I used costume pieces from my own personal collection, as well as a few things from the theater, and was able to meet the needs from these simple sources.  But what was the coolest was when the costume organizer for the film sent me Burt Reynolds measurements!  Yes, I had to find a costume specifically for him!  Though I'm not a huge fan, I certainly respect his lifetime of work and the contributions he's made to entertainment.  And he's one of the most well-known celebrities I've met, so of course I was super excited!

Did you know he has a small foot?  I was surprised by that fact.


So I got the pieces together and brought them to the theater on the specified day.  While I didn't get to interact with Mr. Reynolds directly, and unfortunately didn't get to help with his fitting, I was in the green room when he came in and started talking to everyone.  I was also an extra in the audience along with my children (my husband was working and couldn't be there).

I wasn't completely star-struck, thanks to years of meeting celebrities at Dragon*Con and other conventions.  But it was still an amazing and cool experience, especially knowing that he was wearing what I picked out.  Not his costume coordinator.  ME.  Lil' ol' Tink arranged a costume for Burt Reynolds that he is wearing in the movie.  I was also able to arrange a brief part for a good friend of ours, Alan Sanders, whom I've worked with a lot in the past.  I provided Alan's costume as well...just sayin'.

Of course I took this opportunity to pass out my business cards to the film's costumers, director (who took two!) and other staff.  Who knows?  Maybe this will be my open door to working on other films.

Hollywood, here I come!