Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wedding Dresses Are Scary

When I started making costumes I thought that I would primarily be working with cosplayers, though I was open to just about anything.  In the year that I've been doing it professionally I have discovered that I actually get more business from local theaters and acting groups.  But one of the most unexpected things was when I started getting requests to make wedding dresses.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I don't find "regular" clothes very much fun.  My enjoyment is costumes and period clothing.  So I certainly don't plan on making "normal" wedding dresses very often.  But the ones I've been commissioned for aren't exactly normal.  One couple I know is getting married next March and wants me to make anime-styled clothing for the bride and groom.  And the one I'm currently working on is a Victorian/Edwardian style, as the couple is almost doing a steampunk theme.  For a costumer that's just more clothing, right?

No!  In fact, the idea of doing them scares me a bit!

Think about it.  Under ideal circumstances this is the only time a woman will wear a wedding dress, and it is supposed to be one of the most important and special days of their lives.  While every part of it is important, a woman really concentrates on the dress.  That is what makes her feel special and beautiful, and is what her husband-to-be really focuses on when she walks down the aisle.  It is the central point of any photos of her, and what people will probably remember the most about the event.  So as important as the dress is, if it's screwed up the whole wedding can be ruined.

No pressure.

Seriously!  I worry enough about someone liking their costume for a con.  But when I am responsible for the signature clothing they are going to wear on the biggest day of their life, the stress is magnified.  If it doesn't fit right or look right, I might be the one to make their wedding go from memorable to infamous.  It has to be perfect!


However, if everything goes right, it can be one of the most rewarding moments possible.  I'm very proud of how the current dress is turning out, and the bride is happy with what has been so far.  No, I can't post pictures until after the wedding, but this might be a masterpiece, if I do say so myself.

Assuming I don't mess it up.

Ah, the stress.  Then I get to start on the anime dress and tuxedo!  Another wedding!